Rainy out there!

rainyHey folks,
infamouse3D here. I am back with a new Picture. This time I tried to create a rainy window by following Andrew Price’s Tutorials on BlenderGuru.com ( feel free to check out ).

However, I failed it a bit but still it looks nice ^^

Due some performance problems I couldn’t properly adjust the view, which leads to a missuse of depth of field effect.

Anyway, if you like this picture make sure to like, reblog or comment it.


Little Break

Hey folks,

infamous here. So, you may wonder why  I am not releasing anything new?
Well, I am currently on a little holiday trip. However, I’ll start releasing new projects after two weeks when holiday’s over.

See you then,


Female Base Model

Female Base Model

So, today I have created an female basemesh using Blender. To be honest, it is not really good, but I think it’s useable with some corrections.

Actually I wanted to texture and animate the model a bit, however, I could not figure out how to properly unwrap and rig the model.

So today we see only a grey basemesh!

If you would like to download the “.blend”-file click on the image.

See you next week,

More post processing!

More post processing!

Sorry for the late post. I actually wanted to post this on sunday yet. Currently I am having a rough time with school. I won’t be able to do much for the next coule weeks, but I’ll try to keep on uploading.

So after the fibre glass, I played a bit more with post processing effects. This time again some emitters with some basic cubes.

But look how amazing it got!

Next time I’ll try to do some more modelling.

The glowing fibreglass!

The glowing fibreglass!

Hey folks, infamouse3D here.
So this is my first render! I’ve been making some kinda of “fibreglass”, for thus I’ve been following the tutorials made by “Andrew Price”. I had have some problems with colour composition, but I could manage to diminish the “bad contrast” :D

So even though “fibreglass” is told to be easy to fake, I needed around 3 hours for creating the scene and another 30 minutes for Rendering! And, well, it’s also more composition than modelling, but IT LOOKS AWESOME ! :D

See you next week to me new render!
Cheers, Infamouse3D :P

Why I started this!

“I suck!”.
This was my first thought as Blender viewed me my first render. After several hours I created a awful-looking character. The model wasn’t’t satisfying at all. The geometry deformed awkward upon animation and the textures were horrible as well.

I sweared to never do any 3D modeling again. Well, didn’t work out.

In some recent 3D Game Project I needed to create some assets, which turned out to be horrible as well. I got annoyed quickly and stopped working on it.

After some weeks of being upset I found a podcast by Andrew Price stating out that you never should give up upon learning Blender. He also said that it’s good to try to finish one project a week. So this is what I am trying to achieve here.

Every Sunday I’ll upload several renders of my current weekly project! Well, see you next Sunday to my first post!